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Holiday packing tips made as easy as 1,2, 3

Nicole LyonsPublished: November, 2012

Take the stress out of packing by reading the following tips:

The week before:

Make a list. Write out what you need for the emergency bag: like decongestants, disinfectant wipes, snacks and other travel essentials. Do you need to pick up prescriptions from the doctor?

Helpful hint: Don't feel like packing extra nibbles for the destination spot. Sign up or use an  Amazon Prime account (which offers free two-day shipping) and ship ahead basic toiletries, extra snacks, and any supplies you’ll want to have when you get there.

Five days out:

Prepare for the weather.  Don't pack just yet, which for the majority of people happens the night before. Start looking for those snow pants and thermal bottoms. Plus, some of the clothing your kids may have grown out of. 

Helpful hint: Use a chalk board paint wall or surface to have kids made a list of what they need to pack. 3 stocks, 2 pairs of pants. Have them write out the number and draw a picture of the article. It's a win-win for parents and kids.

3 days out:

Get ready to pack. This means its laundry time. Pro-packing parents live by color-coordinated ensembles for mix-and match versatility. Another tip is packing dark-colored clothing so that stains and spills can be easily disguised. 

Helpful hint: For parents with younger kids, in the hustle and bustle sometimes of holiday vacations, it's best to label Ziploc bags with each day's outfit. All items are together and its easy to grab and go.

One Day out:

It's the final countdown. This is the day to check all the items off the to-do list. in the suitcase off your list. Run the laundry and start assembling the bags. Older kids should be intimately involved in this process,
Helpful Hint: Be sure to have all your kids pack at least one change of clothes in their carry-on luggage And don't forget yourself. A plane ride with a puke-soaked shirt is going to seem extra long for all parties. Don't do it. Likewise in the car you don't want to be fumbling for your clothes in a suitcase. Be prepared.

It's Go time:

The triple check moment. Like TSA, its your duty or that of the oldest child to make sure no one takes off in a plane or care without the essentials. You got of course underwear, socks, sweaters, coats and your little one's favorite stuffed animal.

Helpful Hint: Put the most important items in easy to reach pockets, such as the emergency kit.


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