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Nicole LyonsPublished: January, 2013

Learn the latest trends of celebrities and find out if last year’s hottest names are still in the top 10

The name your parents gave you at birth is the start of your identity. No pressure, right? In the 80’s Nicole was a popular name so there were multiple girls in my class with the same name as me. I hated it. As an adult, I enjoy my name that means “victory of the people.” I wonder how Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple feels about hers? The trends for 2012 show that parents haven’t veered too far from popular names of the last few years, but celebrity babies born in 2012 might be a game changer for 2013.

Colors Besides Blue and Pink for Boys and Girls

Celebrity kids make the news most times because of their parent’s fame, but oftentimes their name can set them apart as well. For example, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ named their daughter Suri. However, there were many celebrity babies born this year that are named after hues. Beyonce and Jay-Z named their daughter Blue Ivy. Drew Barrymore named her daughter Olive, possibly a nice twist to one of the top girl names, Olivia.

Home Sweet Home Baby Names

Reese Witherspoon named her son Tennessee James, a salute to her home state. And London was not only a hot spot for the Olympics this year, but one of the city’s edgiest boroughs, Camden, was a favorite name among celebrities. Both Kristin Cavallari from “The Hills” TV show and Vanessa Lachey ( wife of former singer Nick Lachey) chose the name for their baby boys.

Gender-specific names are no more

Jessica Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson decided to switch up the masculine for the feminine, by naming their daughter Maxwell Drew. The name Maxwell ranked No. 133 for a top 2012 boy’s name on the BabyCenter database and the U.S. Government Social Security Administration.   

Names Making a Comeback

Old-fashioned names are becoming a favored choice once again. For instance, Bruce Willis and Emma Heming named their daughter Mabel Ray. The name Mabel got really popular in the 1850s and began to decline in the 1930s. Jack Osbourne, the son of famous singer Ozzy Osbourne, with his wife Lisa Stelly named their baby girl Pearl - and she was not born in June either, so she wasn’t named after her birthstone. However, Pearl was among the 50 most popular names for girls born in the United States between 1880 and 1911. The Osbournes might bring it back.  

Here are the top 10 baby names for 2012 via BabyCenter.com. The names on ranked based on popularity on the single spelling of a name (e.g. Sophia and Sofia are considered two different names).

Boys:                                    Girls:

1.     Liam                            Emma
2.     Ethan                          Olivia
3.     Noah                           Sophia
4.     Mason                         Ava
5.     Jacob                           Isabella
6.     Jack                             Mia
7.     Aiden                          Ella
8.     Logan                          Emily
9.     Jackson                       Lily
10.  Lucas                          Chloe

What’s your name? Check out this webpage and see if your name made the top 5 the year you were born.


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