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Premama is a substitute for pills to ensure a healthy, comfortable pregnancy

A doctor-developed prenatal vitamin drink mix

Jacy DanquePublished: May, 2012

Premama has been created to cease the pain of swallowing “horse pills,” but to still provide the nutrients needed for good conditions during pregnancies. Mothers already deal with pain, like backache and contractions, so this drink blend helps stop the discomfort and side effects of pregnancy aids.

Premama is only six calories per serving and can be added to any beverage, while preserving the flavor of the original taste. It contains vitamins and minerals, such as folic acid, iron, DHA, CoQ10 and calcium, and remains 100 percent natural, lactate free and gluten free. Premama also can reduce the possibility of some birth defects and common prenatal vitamin side effects, such as nausea and constipation.

Credibility is established for Premama by noting it was produced by a group of obstetricians and gynecologists, nutritionists, pharmacists and health business experts who wanted to resolve the trouble of hard-to-swallow pills, yet maintain the advantages of the vitamin. After several tests and samples, Premama is now recommended by doctors as a convenient alternative to keep the baby and mommy healthy.

“Premama has solved the pain of prenatal horse pills—I wish it existed when I was pregnant!” affirmed Maria Bailey, a mother of four, a host of Mom Talk Radio, Lifetime and Women’s Entertainment Network, and author of several mothering books. “Premama offers all the nutrients we and our babies need. It has a brilliant delivery method that is not only easy to consume, but easy to digest. Try it and feel good. Premama will forever better your pregnancy!”

This mix can be taken while trying to conceive, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. It can be bought in four different package types: 1 month supply ($25), 3 month supply ($75), 6 month supply ($125), and 9 month supply ($175).

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