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Karina AlexanderPublished: February, 2013

Los Angeles transplant Alexandra Spitz talks about why she created a network for new mommies

Being a new mother can be difficult. Between the sleepless nights and doubts about caring for a newborn, no one can better understand these thoughts than someone else going through the same ordeal. Alexandra Spitz, founder of OC Mommy and Me groups, has created a series of support groups for Orange County moms. After moving from Los Angeles where she was part of one herself, Spitz wanted to provide a supportive and welcoming place for moms in Southland.

The mompreneur talks with ocfamily.com about OC Mommy and Me and what moms can expect to gain from the groups – friends, a sense of community and a network of educational resources.

Q: You joined a support group in Los Angeles when you first had your son in 2011, what made you want to create a network of support for moms in the Orange County area?

A:  My group was such a lifesaver for me when my son was an infant. When I discovered there weren't many groups based around support for the moms in Orange County, I felt it was my calling to create it. I have always had a passion for bringing like-minded people together, especially moms! It's the single hardest and most rewarding job us mothers will ever take on and nothing can prepare you for having a newborn and infant. If I can give to other new moms what my group has done for me and my son, my heart will be fulfilled.
Q: What can a new mom benefit from with your program/ support group?

A:  New moms are sleep deprived, overwhelmed, still healing physically from child birth, going through hormonal changes and often times after the first few weeks of the baby's life, home alone to care for their newborn. It can be isolating and lonely and at the same time, all you want to do is talk about what's going on with your newborn. There are so many topics to discuss, but if you're not talking to other moms with babies the exact same age as yours, the discussions just aren't as enjoyable.

Q: How are the groups setup?

A: Our groups are organized by the baby's birth date so that all babies are born within weeks of each other. Weekly topics are carefully prepared to be geared toward the particular age group.  The moms benefit from having my expertise as a Parent Educator, a Newborn Care Specialist and experienced mom, as well as the support and friendship from a wonderful group of other moms with babies the exact same age as theirs.  Each age group creates its own "village" to help support and share each other's experiences.  There are many wonderful groups geared toward activities for the babies but OC Mommy and Me groups are designed to support the MOMS!           

Q: How has your life changed since starting the support groups?

A:  My mom was a single mom of two young children and I always saw what a struggle it was for her and how disappointed she was that she couldn't be there for us more often. Owning a business that would allow me to have a flexible schedule to be present during my children's lives has always been a dream of mine. My life has changed in so many wonderful ways.  I am fulfilled intellectually by managing a small business, I LOVE the groups and talking about everything baby, I am a happier mom and wife now that I have achieved one of my goals in life and I feel proud of my accomplishment and willingness to take this risk.  

Q: Do you have plans on expanding OC Mommy and Me to include more spots to meet and more times?

A:  Absolutely!  I am currently working on adding a toddler program in the Newport Beach location and am searching for the perfect place for groups in South County.   

Q: What is the best thing that you have encountered since starting the groups?

A:  All of the support from the community and the moms telling me they've been waiting for a program like this!

Q: What is the worst thing that you have encountered since starting the groups?

A:  Not being able to provide the program to every new mom in Orange County!!  Whether it is due to scheduling, location, age of the baby, etc.   

Q: If you could start over would you keep the program the same?

A:  Definitely.  Just sitting in a room with other moms going through the same phase in motherhood and talking about it is the most therapeutic support. I am honored to be able to provide this program to new moms.  Motherhood is such a blessing and at times can be so stressful and overwhelming.  Being able to connect with other moms to discuss the important stuff is such a necessity.  I am so passionate about people supporting each other and I hope I can create the support every new mom needs!

The groups are held at 3300 Irvine Ave, Suite 111, Newport Beach 92660

The sessions meet once a week for 8 consecutive weeks for 90 minutes each class.  The cost is $250 for the session.  


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