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Nicole LyonsPublished: January, 2013

Christian Ford delivers his Vegas-quality show at the Encore Dinner Theatre

Being a magician is not merely pulling bunnies out of hats anymore. In fact, Illusionist Christian Ford designs his shows to view almost like an abstract painting – containing multiple layers and an underlying story. The Orange County native returns home this month to deliver his acclaimed Vegas show at the Encore Dinner Theatre.

“I’m excited to bring a show like this to Orange County. Its grand scale hasn’t been seen since David Copperfield performed here in the 90s,” said Ford.

The show, titled “Reflections” is about life, love, lost and the power of imagination.

Ford and his team will perform some of his most popular illusions. One includes making a piece of paper dance in the air, be crumbled up into a ball, float, catch fire and then turn into something you would never expect. He will do this trick to the music of Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake.” Ford will also play Russian roulette with staple guns, among other dangerous acts.

The 23-year-old Mission Viejo resident fell in love with magic as a kid. It was in kindergarten during “Show and Tell” he performed his first trick. His audience loved it and Ford quickly became more interested in the art.

That year, under his family’s Christmas tree there was a black box with gold handles and a message on top that read “Christian the Magician” in his grandmother’s penmanship. Ford learned many more tricks thanks to that kit.  

For full year Ford honed his magic skills and performed in front of his first grade class. The teacher was so impressed that she asked him to do another show for the other first grade class. Soon he was asked to conduct his routine in front of the whole school. His performance earned him a standing ovation. Ford said he was astonished by the joy magic brought people and he knew he wanted he wanted to keep pursuing it.

However, in high school Ford took a detour and became interested in video production. He traveled many places to shoot commercials and was very successful, but he kept feeling a pull back to magic.

It was a kid selling candy bars outside of a gas station to raise money for a trip to Disneyland that inspired Ford to return to magic. Ford said it was the boy’s persistence after being rejected when he asked those passing by to purchase a bar that made Ford not only go back and buy one, but re-open his box of tricks.

Ford’s journey back into magic was a tough one. He experienced failure, disappointment and a break up. Despite the tough times, in 2011 he decided to make another attempt in Vegas. Ford said that the image of the boy selling candy bars kept coming to mind.

Ford worked hard and even learned one of David Copperfield’s most difficult acts, which took him 8 hours a day for 3 months to master. Ford is now back to magic.

“Everyone should come out and experience the transforming power of imagination,” said Ford.

*In addition to the show, coming up soon Ford will be teaching beginner, intermediate and advanced magic classes. When more information becomes available, OC Family will report on it.



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