Things you never thought you’d do before becoming a parent
Everyone has an idea of how they’re going to parent, perhaps something about family meals with locally sourced foods, no screen time, or maybe, like my youngest daughter’s plan, dressing the kids solely in sailor suits. About three mont... Full story
Making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate is her driving force
As an expression of honor for her best friend who died of cancer nearly 10 years ago, Sydney Fredette has been committed to serving those in Orange County who are less fortunate. She began with the simple idea of collecting donated Build-A-Bears, the... Full story
I might drown in a kayak soon
It recently came to my attention that I have a body attached to my brain that can be used for all kinds of fun activities, like bicycling, hiking and swimming the English Channel. I’d forgotten this for many years, since I spend most of my tim... Full story
New Mission Viejo arts plan leaves after-school program without a home
MISSION VIEJO – For a number of years, the Thomas R. Potocki Conference Center has played host to cultural arts programs and an after-school program for middle school students. But among the recommendations in a proposed Cultural Arts Master P... Full story
This top-ranked Irish dancer won the chance to dance on stage with Justin Bieber
Maya Alvarez-Coyne never imagined her first concert would find her on stage with one of her favorite artists. But that’s exactly where the dancer was as she performed alongside Justin Bieber last summer during the Orlando, Fla., stop of his Pur... Full story
Inaugural Babychella in Irvine entertains more than 5,000 kids, parents
IRVINE – More than 5,000 parents and children attended the inaugural Babychella Family Art & Music Festival on Sunday, an organizer said. The festival at William R. Mason Regional Park featured activities for children 5 and under including... Full story
(Mostly) boys swarm Tustin bookstore to marvel over garbage truck
Parents will tell you it’s not nurture vs. nature. It’s just nature: Little boys tend to possess a fascination with all things that roll – tractors, street sweepers, firetrucks, police cars, you name it. And if that unscientific o... Full story
Marla Jo Fisher: This story is strange but true
Seriously. This really happened. Strange-but-true. A few days ago, I headed over to Wal-Mart early in the morning after dropping Curly Girl off at her new job, where she is now changing the oil in strangers’ cars for a big national chain. The... Full story
Irvine celebrates opening of new Quail Hill Community Center
IRVINE – The city hosted a dedication ceremony Saturday to celebrate the opening of the new Quail Hill Community Center. Visitors took self-guided tours of the facilities, which have spaces for art, dance, fitness and educational programs. Th... Full story
Heather Skyler: What's your relational style?
While watching The Academy Awards on Sunday, my husband and I got into an argument about a movie, which neither of us have even seen. I won’t get into the details, but suffice it to say I was pretty mad and in disagreement with his opinions. He... Full story